Saturday, January 31, 2009

Write right, alright?

It's been nearly five years since I've written anything worthwhile. I don't know if I'm just lazy or if I really do have writer's block. Today I'm trying a strategy that I haven't used since I was in sixth grade, learning to type. I have put a sheet of paper over the screen in an attempt to prevent me from backspacing and losing my train of thought. *sigh* I of course did not foresee the phone ringing, the laundry needing switched, and also needing folded as soon as that last sentence was through. Okay, let's start over.

Nothing. I've got nothing. Blank, blank... I'm listening to a song called "257 weeks" by Nine Days. They came out with a song called "About a Girl" (I think) a few years ago, and no one's heard of them since. I really like them, though, and wonder what ever happened to them. I also wonder how long 257 weeks is. Just counted. It's not quite five years.

Tomorrow makes the first day of the second month of a brand new year. I made a resolution to work on my writing every day I came home early from work this year. I have done that exactly once, but that is definitely not the number of days I've come home early. I'm reading a book called No Plot? No problem! right now, about writing a novel in 30 days. I think it would be really neat to do that. I wonder if February is my month. If this blog helps me write, then I'll do whatever it takes to keep that going!!

I wish I could spend my days
sleeping like that cat I see
eyes shut tightly and paws 'neath chin
rousing only to saunter to the food bowl
or a toy
a patch of sun

How was that?