Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pride is a nasty thing.

I should know. I wouldn’t admit it to you yesterday, but I pride myself on my listening skills. I listen to what my loved ones are saying, and I make the appropriate responses. They’re heartfelt, don’t get me wrong. But I pride myself on really understanding them.

I just had a phone call that really blew me away. Someone very special to me had to repeat something she’s been telling me for a long time, something I always “heard” before. But this time she spelled it out, and I really understood. And I felt like a jackass, because all this time I thought I was such a good listener and I just couldn’t figure out what the problem was. Maybe the problem is that I don’t actually hear what people are saying to me. I know I do this with Wife all the time. I don’t tell her things, because I’ve already told BFF or other friends, and I just assume I’ve told her. I know this really bugs her, but I’ve never actually done anything proactive about it.

Well you know what? I’m starting over. I’m going to start listening—really listening. Take notes if I have to. Because pride really does go before a fall, and I just fell really hard. And if I want to pick myself back up again, I need to pay some serious attention to what people are saying to me.

Friday, September 2, 2011

I Dream of You, You Know

I dream of you, you know
I dream of your eyes
I dream of the skies
You'll see when you play in the snow

I dream of the things we'll do
I dream of your laughs
I dream of the paths
We'll explore and create some brand new

I dream of your little hands
I dream of your nose
I dream of your toes
Oh I've got so many plans

I dream of the day you'll be here
I dream of your face
I dream of the place
It's becoming ever so clear

I dream of you daily, my sweet
I dream of my child
So wild and beguiled
The darling I can't wait to meet